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by Dennis Shulman


I am Dennis Shulman.

And for over thirty years, I have been a psychologist. Because of this, I know the importance of truth seeking and truth speaking.

And for the last five years, I have been a rabbi. Because of this I know that what we do matters, and the importance of taking responsibility for the intended and unintended consequences of our choices.

Since childhood, I have been blind. My vision deteriorated gradually, so that by the time I went off to college and graduate school, I could only see light.

Because of my blindness, I have learned to respect other people’s struggles.

I have lived all my life in America. As a proud American, I know well the truth of four powerful words: "We can do better."

Soon, District Five will have a congressman:

Who seeks and speaks the truth; Who takes responsibility for his political choices; and Who knows what it means to overcome obstacles.

A congressman who will not forget what America represents, Who will not forget what our state and nation can be -- at its best.

I am Dennis Shulman; and I am running for Congress.

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Dennis Shulman