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RUSH LIMBAUGH RESPONDED Monday to the Spanish radio ads in key congressional districts run by our friends at Presente Action. The ads hold Republican politicians accountable for not denouncing Limbaugh's racist attacks on Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

In his response, Limbaugh piled on with new racist remarks:"Sotomayor's comments are much worse than Macaca" and "She reflects the racial anger, attitude that Obama has."

Presente Action released this statement today: "Rush Limbaugh has no shame -- launching more racist attacks on Judge Sotomayor during a historic week when her credentials are on full display and our community is beaming with pride. Our elected leaders cannot remain silent in the face of these inflammatory comments polluting the public discourse. We demand that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee denounce Limbaugh's latest remarks immediately."

We set up a fund to help Presente keep their ads denouncing Limbaugh on the air -- can you chip in? Just click the green contribute button above.

Transcript: Limbaugh response

Daily Kos, ABC, Politico, Huffington Post, Orlando Sentinel, and others have covered these ads! Big momentum!

(Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida denounced Limbaugh despite coming from a long-time GOP district. He's a top GOP target in 2010 for being an outspoken progressive -- on this page, you can contribute to his campaign too.)

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