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Keith Ellison, one of the most promising progressive leaders in Congress, is running for reelection in Minneapolis. He suggested we help turn Minnesota bluer by doing a joint fundraiser for him with a neighbor he's enthusiastic about, Mike Obermueller, a progressive candidate running for the seat just south of Keith's district, currently occupied by right-wing Boehner crony John Kline.

We have a beautiful, very rare and collectible RIAA-certified Depeche Mode double platinum award for their classic album, Violator. Blue America will give the award away to one random donor who contributes to Keith and/or Mike on this page-- any amount-- in the next week.

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Keith Ellison


Minnesota Senator Al Franken: "Keith is a progressive champion who goes to the mat everyday to make sure working families can achieve the American dream and that we care for our most vulnerable citizens. He is an important voice in the Congress and we are lucky to have him in our corner."

Image of Mike Obermueller

Mike Obermueller


Keith Ellison: "Mike Obermueller is the progressive we need representing Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. Mike will fight to protect Medicare from Republican attack, and expand-- not slash-- Social Security. He will push for a fair taxation system that asks millionaires to pay their fair share while ending giveaways to big oil companies. I need him working alongside me in Congress to protect the middle class and stand up for our shared values."

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Blue America PAC

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