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This is the slate page for the Desert Stonewall Democrats. Check back here to find our more information on our slate of endorsed candidates, and, when possible, give directly to the candidates! This helps our endorsed candidates win and all the money you donate is tracked and credited to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and pro-equality ally community!

Also, feel free to check out our webpage for more information about our activities and candidates!

Image of Julie Bornstein

Julie Bornstein


Julie is our best shot yet to beat Mrs. Mack. We need a representative that stands for full equality and gives the people of the 45th Congressional district what they deserve--respect, attention, and actual answers to our questions!

Manuel Perez


Manuel Perez is a solid vote for our issues. He is endorsed and working with No on 8. His opponent is a fundamentalist who is a proponent of Yes on 8. Let's get Perez in the state assembly!

Equality for All

We have to beat this ballot initiative. VOTE NO ON 8!

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