Contribute Now to April 2012: Steve Hobbs

by DFER Reformer of the Month

K-12 employee health insurance reform is not the world’s sexiest subject. But it turns out trying to consolidate 295 school district insurance plans in Washington State into a statewide insurance pool could not have been more controversial. The powerful Washington Education Association really hates the idea.

It took real cojones for State Senator Steve Hobbs to marshal support for his health insurance reform bill. The WEA promptly put a target on his back. A few weeks ago, a WEA rally for their gubernatorial candidate turned into a rally against Steve. According to the local union leader, they had to show their state legislators who’s boss: “we wanted them to witness the anger.” More specifically, he said, “we really hammered Hobbs.”

Steve Hobbs

Washington State needs elected ed reformers more than perhaps anywhere else in the country. Steve’s advocacy for the health care reform bill and for creating a small number public charter schools both amount to audacious stances there. Sending a bona fide Washington State reformer to DC will send a remarkable message.

Steve’s work on the health care bill is particularly courageous because he was willing to take the political knock in the middle of a congressional campaign. Steve is running for the U.S. House in a wide-open, six-way primary. His district is the recently redistricted first, a swing district that suits his bio well. (He's in the Army National Guard and served in both Iraq and Kosovo.)

Steve needs your help. One of his opponents is a multimillionaire whereas Steve is, um, a regular middle class guy.

Would you kick in $10 or $25 to help send a seriously fearless ed reformer to congress?

Image of Steve Hobbs

Steve Hobbs