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August 2009: Florida State Rep. Terry Fields (HD-14)

State Representative Terry Fields, a stalwart advocate of school choice as an issue of civil rights, is running to replace the term-limited Democratic Floor Leader of the Florida Senate in 2010.

FL Rep. Terry FieldsFields was elected in 2000 to represent Jacksonville and, throughout his tenure, has been a visible supporter of the Step Up For Students initiative of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, and frequent co-sponsor of its expansion. The program provides scholarships for lower income students to attend qualifying private schools, but Florida Democrats' support for it is mixed.

Fields, however, is unequivocal: "Parental choice is a bold and powerful idea that I will continue to support," he said. "I am here today to celebrate the civil rights victories that we all enjoy … and to illustrate the bipartisan support of the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program." A victorious campaign for the Florida Senate will send a powerful message about school choice to state Democrats and enable Fields to promote this landmark legislation.

Terry Fields


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