Contribute Now to August 2011: North Carolina State Representative Marcus Brandon

by DFER Reformer of the Month

Meet freshman North Carolina State Rep. Marcus Brandon, our Ed Reformer of the Month for August, and yet another example of a pragmatic Democrat willing to withstand attacks from his colleagues for the sake of progress.

Back in April, Marcus stood before the NC House and defended his support for eliminating the state’s public charter school cap. At the time, he was the only Democrat who supported the bill.

Standing alone, he fielded tough questions from his Democratic colleagues, defending the bill with honesty and transparency.

Check out the video of Marcus’ speech. You'll notice the, um, stuff that leaders in our Ed Reformer of the Month pool have to put up with from colleagues.

In June, this time joined by a group of national and local leaders, he again urged Gov. Bev Perdue to push for eliminating the public charter cap. Two weeks later, not only did the governor sign the bill into law, she did so with nearly unanimous support from legislators of both chambers.

You can scour the country looking for this kind of leadership.

Marcus defied orthodoxy to champion this bill. The status quo is strong in North Carolina and he faces a real risk of a primary challenge for his courageous stand.

Please make a contribution to Marcus’ campaign today. Each contribution, large or small, demonstrates that he’s not alone on the House floor.

Image of Marcus Brandon

Marcus Brandon