August 2012: Andrei Cherny

by DFER Reformer of the Month

Our Ed Reformer of the Month, Andrei Cherny, is a bit of a political wunderkind. He’s been a White House aide to President Clinton, an assistant attorney general, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, and he’s written a handful of books on history and public policy.

He’s also an avid ed reformer. He’s been speaking out for more than a decade – since long before it was popular – in support of transforming school governance, expanding public charter schools, and broadening public school choice. As the National Democratic Platform Director for Al Gore in 2000, Andrei fought successfully to include parental choice and accountability measures among the Party’s official positions.

Today, Andrei is running for a brand new congressional district in his home state of Arizona. With no incumbent in the race, which is in a Dem-leaning district, we expect this race to come down to a tight finish in the primary later this month.

Regrettably, his record of pushing progressive education reforms has put him under assault from opponents who accuse him of "mocking the defenders of the current system." The district’s teachers unions are opposing Andrei and lining up behind one of his opponents, as they try to make the race a referendum on issues like parental choice.

This race will say a lot about reformers’ chances in future high-profile primaries. Andrei has been running a solid campaign. He has strong local support and President Clinton just endorsed him, but he needs to keep the momentum going.

Can you chip in $10, $25, or more to help demonstrate that progressive education reformers stick together?

We need your help today - the primary is August 28th.