April 2013: MA State Rep. Nick Collins

by DFER Reformer of the Month


There is just one week left before a potentially game-changing special election in Massachusetts. On Tuesday, April 30th, ed reform leader State Rep. Nick Collins is up for election to the Massachusetts State Senate.

Collins is a great guy and a serious champion for students. He's a founding board member of the remarkably successful UP Academy charter school in Boston. And he helped the community reshape an underperforming elementary school under the state's charter-like Innovation School model.

He's running for a strategically important seat and, if successful, he'll be the youngest State Senator in Massachusetts. So a win for Collins will mean having a real education reform champion in the state senate for many years to come - and a rising star in Boston just five months before the first open mayoral election in three decades.

He's facing another well-known State Representative in this race, so this campaign will be a real challenge. Collins needs our help RIGHT NOW. Any contribution - large or small - will help Collins spread the word during these pivotal final days.

Nick Collins

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