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September 2011: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the star Teach For America alum you always hoped would run for office.

As a corps member, Brian taught first grade in Baton Rouge and got the bug. He moved out west and eventually became TFA’s executive director in Los Angeles.

Brian Johnson

In Los Angeles, Brian led a dramatic expansion of TFA’s footprint in the city. Today, in L.A. alone, TFA teachers have impacted almost 50,000 students.

After four years of growing TFA, Brian joined Larchmont Schools, the only public charter network in L.A. whose mission is to serve a racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse student population. The students at Larchmont have achieved breathtaking results, even while the school is expanding.

At Larchmont, Brian diagnosed a problem: California needs legislative leadership badly. The good news is that he turns out to be a talented campaigner, too, so Brian’s running for state assembly.

These elections are small so every dollar makes a huge difference.

Don't wait; Election Day is June 5th!

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Brian Johnson