Contribute Now to July 2011: Michigan State Representative Tim Melton

by DFER Reformer of the Month

Our Ed Reformer of the Month for July is Michigan State Rep. Tim Melton, an up-and-comer if there ever was one.

Tim is exactly the kind of leader we need more of throughout the country: articulate, passionate, and principled. He played a leading role in passing Michigan’s Race to the Top legislation in 2009 (when he chaired the house education committee), and in passing tenure, evaluation, and LIFO reform bills last month.

If you have a few extra minutes, please check out Tim’s passionate floor speech (below) imploring his colleagues to support the tenure reform bill. In it, he explains how his background informs his stance on the issue and why he’s so strong on ed reform.

It’s not easy to stand tall against entrenched interests on a strong bill like Michigan’s, but Tim took his lumps and we owe him for it. The floor speech says it all.

A few years ago, Tim also played a lead role in bringing DFER to Michigan. He was frustrated with the pace of change there and disturbed by the lack of educational opportunities for students, so he set out to find a partner on the Democratic side of the aisle. He now sits on DFER-Michigan’s advisory board.

“Tim Melton represents the future of the Democratic party. He is passionate about issues that affect the powerless and vulnerable among his constituency” says Harrison Blackmond, DFER’s Michigan Director. “Tim is smart, he is fearless and a pleasure to work with. I will be sorry to see him leave the legislature (term limited), however, I know he is destined to do great things”, Blackmond added.

This is what a Democrat for Education Reform looks like.

Please join us in thanking Tim for his grit. He deserves it.

Image of Tim Melton

Tim Melton


The former ed chair of the Michigan house, Tim set the table two years ago for the recent education reform bill in Michigan. A dogged supporter of high-quality accountable schools, he sits on the advisory board of Michigan DFER. (Maximum contribution: $500)