Contribute Now to March 2012: Silvana Tabares

by DFER Reformer of the Month

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March 2012: Silvana Tabares

Silvana Tabares is an ideal Ed Reformer of the Month in many ways. Silvana grew up in a single-parent home, where her mother struggled to send her to catholic school. Determined to highlight issues that her community faced, Silvana became a journalist and, eventually, the managing editor of a bilingual newspaper. Now she is running for Illinois state representative in the new 21st district.

Silvana Tabares

In stark contrast to her opponent, Silvana is an avid supporter of Mayor Emanuel’s education agenda. She wants to see high-performing charter schools and performance pay incentives. Because of the sacrifices her mother made, she will always advocate for a parent’s right to choose her child’s school.

Silvana's opponent and his supporters have already begun smearing Silvana. Last week, the Chicago Teachers Union sent out an email saying, “Quite simply, Sivana Tabares is a union buster.”

This race will be absolutely critical for protecting and advancing Illinois’ recent, hard-fought reforms. The district Silvana is running for is adjacent to that of the Speaker of the Illinois House – this race will demonstrate to the political power base that the Hispanic community supports those reforms.

But she needs our help in order to get there - the primary is on Tuesday, March 20th!

Silvana Tabares