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March 2011: D.C. Councilmember Sekou Biddle

As questions swirl about whether Washington D.C. is fully committed to finishing the reforms that Mayor Adrian Fenty began, it is imperative that reformers like Sekou Biddle have a seat at the table. The newest member of the D.C. Council, Sekou has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to providing an excellent education for every child.

Prior to being appointed to the D.C. Council in January, Sekou served for two terms on the D.C. Board of Education while leading the Mid-Atlantic Region of Jumpstart, a national nonprofit dedicated to providing pre-school children quality educational programs. Before that, he worked as a teacher and a community organizer for KIPP:DC, partnering with stakeholders to bring a KIPP middle school to an area of DC that had three of the city’s worst performing middle schools.

Sekou BiddleHe began his career, after graduating from D.C. Public Schools and Morehouse University, as a corps member and, ultimately, a Program Director for Teach For America. He was recently featured in Fast Company magazine as one of Teach For America’s most influential alumni.

Sekou will help to ensure that the D.C. Public School system stays under mayoral control and thrives under the progressive leadership of Chancellor Kaya Henderson, Superintendent Hosanna Mahaley, and Deputy Mayor De’Shawn Wright. But, to do that, he needs to hold on to his council seat.

Sekou is new to the council; by the date of the special election, April 26th, he will have been in office for around three months. To get his message out, he needs money and volunteers. Every little bit helps in local elections, so please contribute today.

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Sekou Biddle