Contribute Now to May 2010: Pennsylania State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams

by DFER Reformer of the Month

DFER's mission is to encourage a more productive dialogue within the Democratic Party on the need to fundamentally reform American public education. Each month, we identify one candidate who is standing up for meaningful reform and innovation, and we help demonstrate the broad base of support for his or her efforts. Please give as generously as you can.

May 2010: Pennsylvania State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams (SD-8)

State Senator Tony Williams, who currently represents parts of Philadelphia and Delaware county, is an insurgent candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania and one of the country's most vocal PA Sen. Tony Williamsadvocates for educational change. With the May 18th primary fast approaching, Williams needs your help to finish strong.

Williams is a former businessman who now chairs the Senate's State Government Committee and is a member of the Education Committee. He is a popular legislator and consensus builder who happens to view education as the foremost civil rights challenge of our era. "Your zip code should not define the kind of education you're able to receive," he said recently. "I believe in all options. I believe in supporting charter schools, magnet, trade schools, home schooling, and I also believe in allowing for parental choice."

In one of the country's most diverse and populous states, and one with some profound educational challenges, traditional education interests are working hard to ensure that Williams' arguments don't see the light of day. As we approach the election, it is critical that we help him advance education equality by helping with this final push.