Contribute Now to June 2012: Ohio State Senator Nina Turner

by DFER Reformer of the Month

This is Ohio State Senator Nina Turner. If she doesn’t look like a monster, it’s because she’s not.

Sen. Nina Turner

Instead, Nina is the sponsor of a bill in the Ohio legislature that will reform Cleveland’s schools along the lines proposed by Mayor Frank Jackson. One modest provision in the bill is that Cleveland’s public charter schools will be able to share in the funds raised by new Cleveland school levies.

Because the Ohio Federation of Teachers condemned the idea of sharing the funds with charters, OFT members have flooded Nina’s office with hundreds of phone calls and emails attacking her.

According to Nina, once she came out in support of sharing levy funds with charter schools, she began to receive “threats into my office, saying ‘we're not going to fund your campaigns, we're going to run people against you.’”

The thing is, Nina Turner is no union buster.

Just last year, she was the darling of Ohio’s labor community. Nina was the public face of opposition to Senate Bill 5, Gov. Kasich’s overreaching attempt to clip collective bargaining rights. Thanks in part to her inspired appearances in local and national media, Ohio voters ultimately rejected Kasich’s bill.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s editorial board got it right: “Adults should be above schoolyard bullying.” But shaming them never seems to work.

We want to send Nina Turner a message. We’re here to help – we’re not going to ‘run people against you’ – so keep making decisions based on what’s right for students.

Nina needs to know that ed reformers across the country have her back. Would you kick in $10 right now to bolster a real, genuine reformer?

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