Contribute Now to Help Defend My Civil Rights and Support Equality: No On Prop 8

by Digger Keith Chisholm


If I saw Santa Claus, I'd ask him for equality. And I'm sure a donation to No On Prop 8 would be made for just for me!

Proposition 8 would change the California Constitution to treat same sex couples differently - denying us the 1100+ protections and rights that the legal institution called marriage provides.

If you don't understand why defeating Proposition 8 is important, continue reading. Or click here to support my right to marriage.

Same sex couples can have domestic partnerships, isn't that the same thing?

Domestic partnership IS NOT the same as marriage. Haven't we already learned that separate is not equal? Domestic partnerships are simply legal documents and the California Supreme Court determined there are at least nine legal differences between domestic partnerships and marriages. For example, domestic partners are required to live together. Married people are not. You can have a confidential marriage but not a confidential domestic partnership. And certain benefits, if they’re controlled by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), are not available to domestic partners, where they are available to married people. More important and as stated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, marriage (unlike domestic partnerships) is not just a bundle of rights, but is a relationship uniquely honored by the state and society. Confining same-sex couples to a different category marks them with “second-class citizenship,” the Chief Justice said.

Do we want a precedent of writing discrimination into the Constitution?

If ratified, Prop. 8 will amend the California constitution to discriminate against a couple based on gender, excluding a minority from its protections and rights. In one fell swoop, the reduced status of same sex couples will be enshrined in the state’s supreme legal charter and for the first time in the history of the United States, a constitution will be amended to revoke rights that it previously provided. That’s right. The California Supreme Court has determined that the right to marriage is fundamental to everyone in California and the state has no compelling interest in excluding same sex couples from civil marriages.

If you're still undecided on the issue, please consider:

1) The decision of the CA Supreme Court did not diminish marriage or the rights of heterosexual couples in any way. The Court only determined that the state must permit same sex couples to participate in marriage as well because marriage is fundamental to our rights as human beings.

2) Recognizing same sex marriages STRENGTHENS the institution. You do not strengthen marriage by exclusion. Those who argue that marriage is weakened somehow by the inclusion of same sex couples should perhaps devote their efforts to the passage of a constitutional amendment banning divorce.

3) No church is required to recognize, legitimize or otherwise sanctify same sex marriages. This is ONLY an issue of civil law and the requirement that the state government recognize the right of same sex couples to marry. Just as a church can exclude women from the priesthood and is not required to perform a marriage ceremony for individuals outside the faith of that church, so too churches may elect to recognize only heterosexual marriages. On a related note, advocates of Prop. 8 have claimed that defeat of the measure will lead to the loss of churches’ tax exempt status – there is not a shred of evidence to support this prediction.

4) Similarly, no person is required to personally accept or “tolerate” same sex marriage or teach his/her children that homosexuality isn’t “sinful” or “wrong” or whatever adjective you like. Just as everyone is free to have racist or sexist beliefs, individuals will continue to be free to believe what they like about homosexuality and they can freely pass these beliefs onto their children. The issue here is whether one group may impose its religious beliefs on the activities of the civil government and consequently the rest of society, particularly where those religious beliefs limit the rights of another group.

5) The advocates of Prop. 8 have argued that schools will be required to teach children about same sex marriage. This is a patent falsehood; the claim is based on an exaggeration of the provisions of the CA Education Code, Section 51890. This statute only requires that schools provide “comprehensive health education” including information about the legal and financial responsibilities of marriage. Please read it for yourself. The statute can be found at

6) According to the 10/15/08 SF Chronicle, more than 40% of the funds contributed to pass Prop. 8 and massive outreach efforts have come from members of the Mormon Church, particularly those who live outside the state. I will note only that the Mormon Church supports Prop. 8 on the grounds of “morality” and yet this same church excluded blacks from the priesthood until 1978 and taught followers that blacks were “cursed” for nearly 150 years.

How can you help support my civil right to marry?

1. Vote No on Proposition 8 (if you live in California) and

2. Tell your friends and family to vote NO on proposition 8 (reasons, arguments, and explanations are provided above) and

3. Support Us: While our fundraising recently caught up with the homophobic opposition, they're using the fear of their religion to squeeze more money out of their followers and have demonstrated an ability to raise millions a day, so we MUST keep up. They're fundraising nationwide, seizing this opportunity to deny us equal protection under the law and equal rights. This money is funding a massive, lie ridden, scare tactic, ad campaign to sway voters: see an example.
THIS ELECTION IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL, and will likely be decided by a handful of voters. Hanging chads anyone?.

I need your help to defeat this attack on my/our civil rights. Stand up for inclusion and equality. Stand up against discrimination. Support the civil rights of your gay/lesbian friends and family with the joy, protections, and rights of marriage. Help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation today (a great Birthday/Holiday gift, btw)

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THANK YOU!!! -Digger Keith

Equality for All