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by Ryan of Daily Kingfish


Let's take back Louisiana!

Keeping Senator Landrieu's strong voice for Louisiana in the Senate is a top priority. She's been a bulldog in advancing the needs of Louisiana, whether it's advocating for federal assistance in rebuilding in the wake of Katrina and Rita, or pushing to have the US Cyber Command located at the Air Force base in Barksdale. She's fought our battles in the Senate, and now we need to help her fight back against the Louisiana GOP.

In LA-01, it's simple. It's Jim Harlan. We need someone who will advance pragmatic solutions to the problems we face, not shill for whoever will give him a buck. Jim Harlan believes in pragmatic, long-term solutions to the energy crisis, the housing crisis, and our slumping economy.

In LA-06, Don Cazayoux has just begun his fight for the working families of LA-06, and Louisiana. He's in a FIGHT right now, and needs every dime he can get to turn back all the negative ads and attacks leveled against him.

In LA-07, we have a candidate - Don Cravins, Jr. - that will stand up and fight for federal money to help places like Cameron, LA rebuild after Hurricane Rita. Amazingly, Rep. Boustany doesn't believe in doing that ... hell, he even voted against expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program ... until he flip-flopped because the voters of this district told him to. Let's send someone to Washington who will get it right the FIRST time.

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