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"Daily Kos Greenroots supports candidates who seek to pass legislation that is environmentally sound, especially in the area of renewable energy. If a Democrat in office becomes too beholden to the Fossil Fuel industry, we will support a primary Challenger and will seek to get the most environmentally friendly candidate when there is an open field of candidates. Special recognition is also given for legislators who respond to the DK Greenroots community for petitions or specific issue focused legislation related to Environmental Topics."

Image of Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff


At at time of worst Oil spill in US history, we need a people powered Grassroots candidate who stand up to the Special interests in Washington. Former Speaker and Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff takes no corporate PAC money and is truly a Grassroots and people powered candidate. His opponent, Michael Bennet is in the top 5 for contributions from Wall Street and takes PAC money from Oil,Coal and other dirty industries. Not surprisingly, Bennet has written letters and voted for exemptions for dirty fossil fuels in any Climate Change legislation. Can you chip in $5 to close the door on the polluting Corporate special interests in Washington?
Click here for the DK Greenroots donation page for Andrew Romanoff.

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Suzan DelBene


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Tyler Gernant


Tyler Gernant is running for the Democratic nomination to unseat Denny Rehberg(R-MT) and he's got the right message on green energy and green jobs.  Here's what he has to say about energy independence on his website.

Montana has the opportunity to be at the forefront of the new energy industry, one that is based on clean, renewable and sustainable sources of energy. With all the resources necessary to be a leader in the new energy industry, we must provide incentives for the development and implementation of these technologies in Montana.

By creating an atmosphere conducive to growing this industry, Montana can take advantage of the opportunity to be the leader in researching and developing new technologies to enhance energy efficiency and energy capture. Montanans will have the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of a burgeoning yet stable industry. The demand for energy will never decrease, but Montanans can take the opportunity to lead the world towards more responsible and sustainable methods for capturing this energy. With this substantial role, Montanans will have the opportunity to positively affect the future of an entire industry and the world from right here at home.

Also, his main challenger for the nomination has voiced his support for "clean" coal.

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Beth Krom


Running in the 48th District of California is a former Mayor of Irvine and current City Council Member.  She's an amazing candidate and cares a great deal about the environment.

Beth Krom.

The current seat warmer is a global warming denier, birther and far right extremist.  He refuses to bring money back to our district, even for environmental issues.  ENVIRONMENTAL issues, he says don't matter to people.

Orange County’s biggest GOP  stronghold is finally getting money for some of its most-cherished local projects, and a lot of the thanks is going to Democrats.  Newport Beach, where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats almost 3-to-1, for years fought for money to restore a vast estuary called the Back Bay and improve navigation in its harbor.

The town’s congressman, Republican Rep. John Campbell, has long eschewed earmarks – a stance his party recently embraced – forcing Newport to send its own officials on lobbying trips to Washington.
That work has paid off. Last year, more than $17 million from the federal stimulus – which all but three Republicans in Congress voted against – was awarded to the Back Bay project, allowing its completion.

More recently, President Barack Obama included more than $1 million in his budget to get work started restoring the harbor. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is seeking $23 million for Newport Harbor, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, is asking for $6 million.

“Newport Bay is extremely important to residents; it’s the lifeblood of our community,” said Councilwoman Leslie Daigle, a Republican. “I have not found a similar passion about the earmark issue.”

Campbell says the opposite is true, and that Newport residents rank national-debt reduction far above local environmental projects.

“I can tell you, for the average citizen of Newport Beach, (bay restoration) is not even in the Top 25,” Campbell said.

The Newport Backbay is an estuary and an important part of a watershed.  It's been restored and is still in the process of being restored and this is how John Campbell feels about it.

Image of Francis Thicke

Francis Thicke

IA-Sec Ag

Francis Thicke is an organic dairy farmer, PhD in Agronomy, former USDA scientist, and passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

His campaign website is here.  He also wrote a Daily Kos diary.  

Iowa has the most prime farmland of any state, grows the most corn and soybeans and produces the most chickens and hogs.  What we do here in ag policy affects policy nation-wide, and has an impact on everything from food prices to fertilizer that ends up in the Gulf.  

Francis represents an opportunity to address the death grip of Big Ag on our food supply, the threat of GMOs to organic producers, the dangerous reliance on fossil fuels to power agriculture.  This isn't just some down-ticket race in flyover country.  It has the potential to have more influence on national policy than if Roxanne Conlin beats Charles Grassley.  He puts his ideas into practice on his farm, supplies all the organic milk, yogurt and cheese for Fairfield, Iowa, and finds time to teach and lecture on the technologies that can help save the planet.  He's the real deal.
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