Contribute Now to DNC Moneybomb - June 3rd

by John


Contribute today!!

On June 3rd, the last contests for the Democratic nomination will be held in Montana and South Dakota. On that day many people, especially the media, will be focusing on who's winning and who's losing. But I think it would be better for Democrats to focus on coming together, to show our unity after the long, hard-fought campaign.

Because the Democratic campaign has lasted so long and been so expensive, it has diverted a lot of money that would have otherwise found it's way to the national party. And right now, the DNC is badly trailing the RNC in cash. The party will need money to support the eventual nominee and to continue organizing in every state as part of its Fifty State Strategy.

What is a moneybomb? It is a grassroots, online fundraiser that raises money over the course of one day. Earlier this year, Ron Paul supporters raised 6 million dollars online from 58,000 donors entirely online without any coordination from the Paul campaign. If a bunch of libertarians can do that, there's no reason Democrats can't too.

I've created a website and a Facebook group to promote this effort:

Join the facebook group

Anyone that is interested, please join the DNC moneybomb facebook group and please invite your friends.

And of course, donate on June 3rd!

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