Contribute Now to Support Jim Martin - Do It For Max

by Supporters of Max Cleland and DotPAC


In 2002, Saxby Chambliss won his Senate seat from incumbent Democrat Max Cleland, and ran advertisements comparing Cleland, a Vietnam vet who lost both his legs and one arm to a grenade explosion, to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. A lower point in American politics I have not seen.

Saxby Chambliss faces a runoff election against challenger Jim Martin, another Vietnam vet, on December 2nd. Let's restore some dignity to Max Cleland's seat and send Saxby Chambliss off to early retirement.

Last week, Max Cleland wrote "I believe that justice can sometimes be delayed, but it can never be denied. I served my country to the best of my ability and I hope to serve it again. And like Jim Martin, I will serve with character, dignity and grace. Something I can not say about the man I pray he replaces."

Georgia law states that a candidate must get 50% of the vote to win -- Chambliss got 49.9, forcing a runoff. A little bit will go a long way in this election. Please help Jim Martin with a donation of $25, $50 or $100 today. Do it for Max.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin