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by Darcy Burner

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When the Arizona law requiring that police check for papers anyone who "seems illegal" passed, Raul Grijalva did something really gutsy.

Now, I'd already known he was fearless in his convictions - his leadership during the health care debate, and his willingness to defy leadership (and even the White House) drew a lot of attention. But what he did surprised even me: he called for a convention boycott of his home state until the racist law was repealed.

That's a bold thing to do as a representative from a state as dependent on tourism as Arizona is. You don't take that kind of stand lightly; you take it only when there is a clear moral requirement to call out injustice for what it is.

For that, the extreme right has decided to make an example of him. They've made death threats against both the Congressman and his staff. They've protested. They shot a bullet through the window of his Yuma office.

Today, Sarah Palin endorsed his opponent.

The polls are showing the race is within the margin of error.

Let's get his back.

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