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by Coalition Against Misery


Dog Lovers Unite The commercial kennel industry is worried. They say that if Claire McCaskill gets elected she will shut the commercial kennels down!

The voices of millions of dog lovers are not being heard in political corridors of Washington because we do not speak with a unified voice. The commercial kennel industry in conjunction with the agriculture industry gives millions of dollars to politicians every year. It's time for dog lovers to join together and speak loudly for the dogs who are suffering in puppy mills across the country.

This year there is a spectacular candidate running for the Senate in Missouri - Claire McCaskill. Claire McCaskill has been the State Auditor in Missouri since 1999. She has been a determined watchdog over taxpayers' money and was lauded as "one of the most active and effective auditors in Missouri history."

One of the industries that McCaskill audited was the commercial kennel industry. Dog lovers know that there are more puppy mills in Missouri than in any other state. McCaskill issued two strong audit reports detailing abuses in the industry including close ties between the kennels and the Department of Agriculture whose employees were supposed to be enforcing the kennel regulations but were not. McCaskill took a courageous and principled stand when she audited a large industry in Missouri.

Now McCaskill is running for the US Senate. The race is very close so it is possible that an outpouring of support from dog lovers could make the difference and could elect a person who has stood up for the dogs in the past. If McCaskill was elected, the real winners would be the people of Missouri, the people of the country and the dogs who would have a Senator who had the courage to stand up to special interests.

The commercial kennel industry has told all of the commercial kennel owners that they need to vote against Claire McCaskill. This is what they said in their industry magazine: " We simply can't let this woman get to Washington. Think seriously about this threat to your kennel operation. She will try to shut this industry down."

"She will try to shut the industry down!"

We have to stand together for people who have stood for the animals in the past. Claire McCaskill stood up for the dogs, now we, the dog lovers, must stand up for her.

Please join with us and help create a huge groundswell of support. The dogs suffering in puppy mills can't speak for themselves. You have to speak for them. Our voices are much more significant if we join together. We can be a political force if we join together. This is our chance to have a huge impact. Please join us today!

Thank you!

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill