Contribute Now to Support Tom Perriello

by Doug Wyatt


Help support Tom Perriello in VA's 5th District. He's a dynamic, young freshman Democrat that pulled off a big upset in a traditionally Republican district - one that voted for McCain at the same time they elected Tom. And now he's already under attack for the 2010 election cycle.

But it's not just a game of red versus blue. Tom's a good guy that cares about important issues like the environment, health care, and international development. And he's willing to vote his convictions even when they're risky votes for a freshman congressman in a purple district targeted for take-back by the GOP.

He got his law degree from Yale and spent a number of years working in international development and transitional justice. He spent time in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Darfur. He even worked in Sierra Leone for the special court.

And he's an Eagle Scout, too :)

If you can give a lot, great. If you can only give a little, that's great too. That's the beauty of grass-roots campaigning - if you bring enough people together, you can accomplish things that no one of us could do ourselves.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


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