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Years ago the manager of one of my favorite bands-- a great guy who serves on a Board with me-- suggested I contribute to a Democrat running for U.S. Senate that he and the band were supporting. The guy had been the governor of Georgia and he assured me he would make a great senator. I have named neither the band nor the manager because the person for whom I wrote a check was Zell Miller. I'm far beyond regret and I'm mentioning this to you because-- as Stan and Kyle (perhaps even Kenny) would say-- I learned something. And you can benefit from what I learned. I will not be soliciting contributions for right wing, corporate Democrats. If I put a page up for a candidate it means I've done my due diligence and feel comfortable enough to endorse the person. I am looking for genuine progressives and for genuine fighters. And for people with a sense of integrity and trustworthiness. If they don't pass my smell test, they won't be on my list. Promise. And you don't have to donate $1,000 or $100 to make a difference. The kinds of candidates I gravitate to are not likely to attract donations from corporations or lobbyists. Even a donation of $25 or $10 helps.

The place to find the candidates we've endorsed so far this year is on the Blue America Page which is a combined effort of Crooks & Liars, Digby and DWT.

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