Contribute Now to Drain the DC Swamp

by Rob Miller for Congress


Joe Wilson has been caught red-handed in that same old Washington game of pay-to-play politics. He's been on a "Take Joe to Work" tour since January that should have been called "Pay Joe to Work." He has raised nearly $55,000 in special interest cash on his tour. It's time to clean up Washington, and it starts by getting rid of Joe Wilson's pay-to-play politics. Help us drain the Washington, DC swamp by contributing today!

As our Congressman, Rob Miller will represent everyone in South Carolina's 2nd congressional district. Rob promises, "No matter what, no matter what party you are, what affiliation you are, whether you like me or not, as your Congressman, when you call me, I will be there. When you ask for my help, I will have your back." We need a Congressman who is accessible and accountable to all of his constituents, not just those that can afford it.

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Rob Miller


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