Contribute Now to Runoff for Change - Help Georgia Send Jim Martin to the Senate!

by Melanie Thompson


Sending Jim Martin to the Senate will be the perfect end to this transformative election season.

I have known Jim for nearly twenty years. Jim's integrity has defined his politics for decades: he is a man of principle and honor. He is independent, and also unashamed to be progressive. His childhood experience with polio taught him what it is like "to need a little help" and sensitized him to the plight of those without a voice. He is a Presbyterian elder, a Vietnam vet, and a former state legislator who championed health care for women and seniors, created PeachCare for children, and fought for Ryan White funding for people with HIV. In the midst of the early AIDS epidemic, he wrote the durable power of attorney law for Georgia - which passed by one vote.

His track record is clear: in addition to leading on health care issues, he worked for tax equity for middle class Georgians, and tirelessly promoted social justice for all. He warned of the foreclosure crisis in 2006, he opposes bail-outs for the wealthy, and he will work with President Obama to bring middle class values, sound economic policies, and integrity back to Washington.

Let's tell Saxby that the messages of division and hatred don't work in America anymore! Please dig in and send whatever you can. Jim and Georgia need our help now!

What does a RED state need? A BLUE Senator!

Many thanks - Melanie

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin