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Women's political organizations like EMILY's List helped level the playing field for women candidates and have changed politics forever.

But women are still only 17% of Congress.

It's time to combine the power of the purse with the Internet to help elect more pro-choice Democratic women to Congress!

We know that "money bombs" have been used as a successful online fundraising tactic. The Democratic Women's Money Bomb (DWMB) seeks to pool the donations - small and large - of women and men who care about electing progressive women. Think of the power we can have if we all gave even just a small amount at once to a particular woman running for Congress.

If we picked one candidate on a particular day and all gave a certain amount - say $5, $12 (for 2012) or more - the impact on her campaign could be enormous.

Our first Money Bomb is going to last a little while longer while we try to build support for the project - but it will be for Oregon State Sen. Suzanne Bonamici, who is running in the special election for OR-1. Sen. Bonamici is a strong advocate for women and families, but faces a primary against two male candidates who have a fundraising head start. She needs our support today to win!

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