Contribute Now to Help Me Elect John Edwards!

by Sarah Lane


I've been a longtime supporter of John Edwards. Many people on the blogs are well aware of my reasons to support him. There are a number of key issues that make me believe that Edwards is the right candidate for the job.

First off, he will work harder than any other candidate to pass Universal Health Care. This is a huge issue for me, and I particularly like Edwards plan because it creates competition between the public and private sectors.

Secondly, John and Elizabeth Edwards are for a nationwide ban on DRE voting machines. Edwards is the only viable candidate calling for a ban, while others are just asking for a paper trail. Even with a paper trail the machines can still be manipulated so why continue to put our democracy at risk?

Thirdly, Edwards is the only candidate who has been focusing a great deal on poverty issues. I firmly believe that if we are able to lift millions of Americans out of poverty we will not only be doing the morally correct thing, we will also be helping our consumer economy. Plus, it's not just rhetoric with Edwards, he has spent a great deal of time, effort and money helping poor college kids, building learning labs for kids who couldn't afford tutoring and computers, stumping for the unions and for an increase in the minimum wage, and working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Lastly, Edwards sees terrorism differently then many of our present day politicians. He sees the interconnectness between global poverty, energy, harmful trade deals, and how the leader of the free world deals with those issues. When America allows U.S. corporations to run amok in foreign countries it creates yet another reason for people to dislike our nation. Edwards believes we need to start gaining ground on how the world views us by doing good around the world. Edwards believes we need to lead an effort to bring public school education to third world countries, we need to help provide good sanitation systems and clean drinking water systems, and help Africa invest in bio-fuels in order to lift their nation out of extreme poverty. In the first debate Edwards said it better then anyone, "We need to use tools other than bombs".

Please give whatever you can...thanks!

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John Edwards