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We are a progressive community blog committed to electing more and BETTER Progressives to the Statehouses and to Congress, Progressive Blue (formerly EENR blog).
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Our focus is on supporting a truely progressive political agenda. We endorse these Democratic candidates and causes.

Image of Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley


Jeff Merkley will work tirelessly to get the people of Oregon a government that works for them. Gordon Smith would simply continue to be an establishment puppet. Behind his hollow, "bipartisan" rhetoric lies the worst kind of politician, a man who will stab his constituents in the back with a smile on his face.

Despite Smith's efforts to muddy the waters, the choice for Oregonians could not be clearer. Merkley is a relentless advocate for working people while smith is a corporate stooge disguising as a thoughtful "moderate."

Electing Jeff Merkley will strengthen our majority and add some much needed backbone to the Democratic caucus. This is not just an endorsement, it's a call to action. As we've seen in recent years, the netroots can give a significant boost to Democratic Senate candidates. We have every reason to apply that focus to this contest.

From the EENR blog endorsement diary by Michael Conrad

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Image of Scott Kleeb

Scott Kleeb


Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice


Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown - A Lifetime of Service!

Integrity, Duty, Honor and Responsibility aren't just words to Charlie Brown. They are the guiding principles of an officer and a true patriot who has devoted his life to serving his country.
Not every retired military officer lives by these words, but when you find one that does, you can remember what it feels like to be proud of a fellow American.

That's how I felt one evening two years ago when I had the opportunity to join a group called the Band of Brothers gathering at a suburban hotel meeting room just outside of Washington, DC. And that's when I first met Lt. Col. (ret.) Charlie Brown. Charlie didn't make it up the Hill in 2006; we stand ready today to make sure he is successful this time.

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by edgery

Read our live blog with Charlie

Image of Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook


Image of Jared Polis

Jared Polis


Image of Faye Armitage

Faye Armitage


Let me introduce you to a wonderful and powerfully strong woman candidate from Florida's 7th Congressional District, Faye Armitage.

Faye (our very own fayeforcure) is facing a tough primary in August in her bid this year to unseat Republican John Mica. For those of us with EENR For Progress as well as Florida PDA, Faye is the best one for the job -- both getting rid of Mica and representing the people of the district that stretches along Florida's east coast from just above Jacksonville to below Daytona Beach.

With strong credentials as a stem cell research advocate, Faye is particularly well-suited to tackle the health care crisis in this country. She was an economic professor and has a depth and breadth of knowledge about the issues confronting this country that we can only wish our current Idiot-in-Chief could imagine, much less possess.

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by edgery

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


Barry Welsh


On Fair Wages and Labor Issues: Barry Welsh is an advocate of raising the minimum wage. He is also for rescinding NAFTA and CAFTA, here's what he pledged:

I pledge that I will fight to put America back to work. I will author legislation that immediately rescinds NAFTA and CAFTA. We must not allow any more jobs to leave our shores. We can make more than just debt in America, and we should!

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by sarahlane

Image of Heather Ryan

Heather Ryan


On Health Care: Heather Ryan is a mother of two and the wife of a full time law student. Neither she nor her husband can afford health insurance for themselves. Heather believes that,

"It is an absolute travesty that the richest, most successful nation on earth does not ensure their hard working, tax paying citizens are guaranteed health care. It is shameful and embarrassing that nearly 50 million Americans, my husband and myself included, are not allowed to visit a doctor should we become ill. It is even more disgraceful that an astonishing 50% of bankruptcies are caused by exorbitant health care bills. We must ensure health care for all Americans - not just the wealthy and those lucky enough to find employers who still have a conscience".

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by mdgarcia

Image of Chellie Pingree

Chellie Pingree


Image of Linda Stender

Linda Stender


Image of Martin Heinrich

Martin Heinrich


Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


Larry on Civil Liberties...

Kissell is not about to sit idly by while our government disregards the rights granted to American citizens by the constitution. Larry has said, "I'm a pro-privacy candidate for Congress". Larry respects women's reproductive rights, the right to religious freedom and separation of church and state. Here's a snippet from Larry's website about the abuses being made by our current administration:

A hallmark of a commitment to "less government" includes a commitment to protecting our personal freedoms and civil liberties, not the dangerous consolidation of executive power, abusive efforts to spy on our citizens, and intrusive legislation from a federal government treading in unchartered areas it has no business.

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by sarahlane

Image of Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor


You may remember Harry from his encounter with George Bush in April, 2006, at a Town Hall meeting in Charlotte, NC. Harry made worldwide news when, standing in a balcony seat and looking down at Bush on stage, he said:

"'I feel like despite your rhetoric, that compassion and common sense have been left far behind during your administration,... and I would hope from time to time that you have the humility and grace to be ashamed of yourself.'"

You may also recall that Harry was booed by the mostly conservative audience as he spoke for so many of us to voice our frustration with the Bush administration and its policies. That encounter had a profound effect on Harry:

This was a political awakening for me: I saw the effect that one lone citizen can have by participating in our democracy. That's why I'm running for Congress. To do my part to bring our country closer to its brilliant truly be a country "of the people, by the people, for the people."

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by mdgarcia

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


Image of John Boccieri

John Boccieri


Image of Mark B. McCracken

Mark B. McCracken


Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner (originator of the phrase "more and BETTER Democrats") has been opposed to the war from the beginning. Burner supports a withdrawal from Iraq, and supports imposing benchmarks for the Iraqi government to gain control over their country. Burner has also blasted the wasteful spending in Iraq and slammed Halliburton for the loss of billions in taxpayer dollars. Here's a little snippet from Burner:

"The war is busting our budget, breaking our military, and burning our bridges around the world," Burner says. "It is time to end it."

From the EENR 4 Progress endorsement diary by sarahlane

Gary Pritchard


Equality for All

California Ballot Proposition 8 would eliminate equal protections and put discrimination into the state constitution.

Prop 8 is unfair, unnecessary and wrong. This proposition should be voted down.

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