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The time has come to bring a real change to America. This page is dedicated to the first phase in the political process: the primaries.

Primaries are the time to ensure that candidates are qualified, connected to the ideals of party supporters, and electable. All of these candidates are progressive, and all deserve your support.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Barack Obama has, all things considered, done a generally phenomenal job as President. While it's impossible to do everything right, he has been on the ball. Passing major health care reform was a massive undertaking. Repealing DADT was huge. Massive foreign policy victories have repaired America's image. The successful auto bailout and consumer protection act. The beginnings of a strong recovery. We could not have asked for more. He is the right's Target Number 1, so he will be under constant attack. He deserves our support.

Image of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren has been the hero of working families and consumers. The Consumer Protection Bureau was her brainchild. But Warren has done more than protect consumers: she has a moving family story. She is the ultimate outsider, ready to confront Wall Street and corporate greed.

Image of Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin


Tammy has been a strong advocate for workers, veterans, and the middle class in the House. She will make an excellent Wisconsin Senator.

Tim Kaine


The former Party Chairman has one of the biggest fights of the year, as he faces off against George "Macacca" Allen. Kaine was an excellent governor, and he will make an excellent Senator. He is very deserving of any resources that he can get.

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