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While we’re best known for our involvement in federal races, actively encourages and supports candidates for state and local offices. The VoteVets members below first served their country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they’ve continued this service by running for state and local offices.

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Joe Rice


Joe Rice has served for 23 years in the Army - including three tours in Iraq as a civil affairs officer. The former Mayor of Glendale, CO, Joe now represents the citizens of Arapahoe County in the Colorado State Legislature.

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Stephen Webber


While still in school, Stephen led troops during two deployments to Iraq as a Marine Corps Reservist between 2004 and 2007. He's now looking to continue leading in his own community.

Jason Kander


Jason served in Afghanistan where he worked as a Political-Military Intelligence Officer for U.S. Forces--a job that allowed him to become an expert regarding all political and military threats to Afghan democracy. Upon his return home in 2007, he returned to his law practice in Kansas City.

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