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As the right wing continues to wage its war on women, the National Organization for Women’s Political Action Committee is fighting back! If you want to see bold progressives fight for the rights of women and girls in this country, show your support for these NOW/PAC endorsed challengers. Many of them are in very tight races.

Together, we can take back the House and make sure that we can advance women’s rights -- rather than let the right wing take us backward!

Our NOW/PAC-endorsed Senate candidates also need your help!

Image of Ami Bera

Ami Bera


In 2010, Dr. Ami Bera ran against Republican Dan Lungren and lost by a small percentage of the vote. He’s running again this year to finally oust Lungren, who voted to end abortion coverage even in private insurance.

Image of Julia Brownley

Julia Brownley


While serving in the California State Assembly, Julia Brownley worked hard to prevent domestic violence. This pro-woman candidate pledges to continue this effort in Congress as well as advancing other progressive issues.

Image of Val Demings

Val Demings


As Orlando's first female Chief of Police, Val Demings focused on helping single mothers in high crime areas and victims of domestic violence. Her work has already made her a community hero.

Image of Alan Grayson (Congress)

Alan Grayson (Congress)


Alan Grayson is running to take back his seat from anti-choice Republican Max Oxner. While in office, Grayson stood up against Republicans to defend comprehensive healthcare for all U.S. citizens regardless of income.

Image of Lois Frankel

Lois Frankel


During her 25 years of experience in public service in Florida, Lois Frankel has had a strong record of championing rights for women and girls. In contrast, her Tea Party Republican opponent is anti-choice and supports ending Medicare.

Image of Leslie Coolidge

Leslie Coolidge


Leslie Coolidge is determined to ensure that Congress works for women’s rights! She especially wants to make sure that women have the right to make choices about their own bodies. She needs your support because she’s courageously running against an unyieldingly anti-choice male candidate in a Republican district.

Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


Tammy Duckworth is a war hero who lost both her legs after her helicopter was shot down in Iraq. Her incumbent opponent, Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh, has outrageously mocked and trivialized her sacrifice. Duckworth lost a congressional race in 2006 by only a small margin. She now has a crucial chance to serve in Congress and work on progressive issues.

Image of David Gill

David Gill


As a longtime doctor, David Gill understands the need for women to have access to critical health services and make their own decisions about their health care needs. Gill has pledged to not take money from corporate interests or Wall Street...he needs grassroots support and donations from people like you!

Image of Cheri Bustos

Cheri Bustos


Cheri Bustos is another pro-woman candidate who is seeking to unseat a Tea Party-backed Republican. She knows that women’s jobs are critical to our economy and that working women must have pay equity.

Image of Tarryl Clark

Tarryl Clark


Tarryl Clark would be the first pro-choice woman to serve in Congress from Minnesota's 8th Congressional district. Her opponent, Tea Party Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack, wants to change the definition of rape and defund Planned Parenthood. Let’s make Cravaack’s first term his last!

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol Shea-Porter is running in an extremely close race against the Tea Party Republican who took her seat in 2010. Shea-Porter is a strong advocate for economic justice and while in office consistently voted for legislation that would promote women’s rights in the workplace.

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


A champion for women’s rights, Ann McLane Kuster has long been dedicated to grassroots organizing. In 2010, she lost to Tea Party Republican Charlie Bass by only 3550 votes. She’s running against him again in this election. This race is highly competitive -- your support is critical!

Dina Titus


Dina Titus served for twenty years in the Nevada Legislature and was elected to Congress in 2008. She lost her seat in 2010 and is running to reclaim it. Throughout her time in public office, Titus proved that she has been and will be a strong ally for women and girls. Her experience and leadership will be invaluable in passing progressive legislation.

Image of Grace Meng

Grace Meng


As a state legislator, Grace Meng has worked for women’s rights, including her active leadership on pay equity issues and college women’s access to birth control. If elected, Meng will become the first Asian-American to represent her district!

Image of Joyce Beatty

Joyce Beatty


Joyce Beatty is running in a brand-new district with no incumbent. Beatty served five terms in the Ohio House of Representatives, where she became the first female Democratic House Leader in the state's history. She has committed to critical pro-woman legislation and plans to be a leader in economic and racial justice issues.

Image of Joyce Healy-Abrams

Joyce Healy-Abrams


Joyce Healy-Abrams is a businesswoman who is running because she became fed up with conservatives’ anti-woman language and legislation. We need solid progressives like Joyce to make sure that feminist issues are heard!

Image of Laura Ruderman

Laura Ruderman


Laura Ruderman plans to champion equal pay, sick leave, child care and other feminist issues in Congress. She also believes we need strong female representation in the United States Congress. We agree and hope you do as well!

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner is a persistent and progressive activist who wants to change Congress and better the lives of women and girls. It is critical that we have legislators like Darcy to help make equality a reality!

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