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by Jeanette MacNeille


Joe Sestak has a 96% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters and a 100% score from PennEnvironment. That represents a darned good record on issues I care about.

More generally and better yet: he's got the integrity to do what he says he will. In August, '06, when his opponent was saying that higher CAFE standards for auto emissions would never make it through the House, Joe said he'd vote for them up to 40 mpg.

He put that on his website, but more importantly he voted for higher CAFE standards when elected -- every time any version of the bill came before the House -- and we got a change in the law we'd needed for decades. He said he'd vote for green energy -- and did that, and the laws he voted for are expected to create up to 78,000 jobs right here in Pennsylvania. Don't we need people in the Senate who do what they say they're going to?

Please contribute today to send Joe Sestak to the Senate in 2010. Thank you very much.

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Joe Sestak


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