Contribute Now to Equal Right to Marry

by David and Brant


Our equal rights are at risk and we need your help.

Less than one year ago, the struggle for equal rights gained a major victory. Loving couples, whether same-gender or opposite-gender--can marry in the state of California. But this right is not secure. If Proposition 8 passes, we will lose the equal right to marry in California, and the cause of equal rights for gay Americans could be set back decades.

Right-wing religious groups, led by the Mormon Church, have organized over $20 million in donations to insert discrimination into the California Constitution. They believe, as I do, that if same sex marriages continue in California, they will eventually become legal across the country.

I know there are many worthwhile causes and that we all have limited resources, so I am making a personal plea. This issue is critically important to our family. If Proposition 8 succeeds it will have a major, negative impact on our life. Please help protect our rights and the rights of all other gay Americans.

Equality for All