Contribute Now to Vote NO on CA Prop 8! Support Equality for All!

by Erika Lorshbough


Opponents of same-sex marriage created CA Prop 8 to take away the civil right of equal marriage already acknowledged by the CA Supreme Court. They are outspending us, and it seems to be making a big difference in public opinion polls. Where we once had a slim but solid majority supporting the maintenance of this important civil right, the firestorm of ads purchased by supporters of Prop 8 seems to be turning the tide. PLEASE join me in contributing to Equality for All towards the purchase of some airtime. Polls show that where we can afford to run ads, we do well. Any small amount could make a huge difference! PLEASE talk to your friends who live in CA about Prop 8. PLEASE help us cement the right of California families of ALL kinds to be equally protected by the law! PLEASE vote NO on Prop 8 on November 4th!

Equality for All