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by Nate de la Piedra


These are the candidates that the Fairfax County Young Democrats are helping to win election in 2006. These fights are in our own back yard as we send the Bush Rubber Stamping congress home!

Image of Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst


Andrew Hurst is a local attorney who has fought against Republicans and been involved in Democratic politics for years. In Congress, he will fight to bring our troops home, increase access to quality healthcare, and fight the culture of corruption that has gone unregulated for so long. Virginia’s 11th district needs a representative who isn’t just a rubberstamp for George Bush. Andrew Hurst is a candidate with unmatched energy and drive, and he will fight for every vote until he wins the election in November.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Our very own Fighting Dem, let's help him get over the top.

Image of Judy Feder

Judy Feder


Image of Jim Moran

Jim Moran


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