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by Ed Fallon


My life is committed to public service, to helping people in need and making the world a better place. After much thought over the past year and a half, I concluded that I could do the most good for people as a member of Congress.

In the 2006 election, Americans said they were tired of the Bush Administration's policies. They wanted a new direction and elected a Democratic House and Senate. Yet on most of the key issues, this new majority has let America down. Simply stated, too many Congressional Democrats, including Leonard Boswell, vote too often with President Bush and against the priorities of the American people.

Iowans -- and Americans -- are ready for change. While Leonard Boswell is an honorable man who has served proudly and with dignity, I feel his positions on key issues are wrong. I am ready to take on the corporate interests who have corrupted our federal government. I'm ready to give working families and the poor a voice in national politics. I'm ready to apply what I've learned during 23 years of public service and be a part of the solution in Washington.

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Ed Fallon