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by Sujal Shah

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You all know the deal. Once again, no Republicans on my slate, so I'm raising via ActBlue exclusively.

Obama for President, and Democrats across the board until the Republicans get new leadership.

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Barack Obama


McCain doesn't even come close to the potential that Obama has as President. I think this could be historic, not just because of race but because Obama could finally bring some sensible policies to the White House. I base this on his ability to communicate. While so many deride his skill, I find it to actually be the most compelling thing about him. On issues where the right choice is a tough choice, I think he can move the needle and motivate people to do the right thing. That's the power of speeches.

So, on top of all of his policy positions and obvious qualifications to be President, this is why I really want this guy to win.

Image of Jim Himes

Jim Himes


Once again, I'd like to see Chris Shays out of the House after his repeated flip-flopping and absurd positions regarding the war. Jim Himes looks to be a great candidate. Ask me if you have any questions and I can direct you to video where he's spoken at campaign events or hook you up with people who are blogging about his campaign.

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John Larson


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Joe Courtney


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Christopher Murphy


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