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by Wes Clark

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National Republicans are promising a "bloodbath" in critical races this year. Help Mary Landrieu, Carol Shea-Porter, and Darcy Burner fight back. Help them end the quarter strong and donate before the March 31st deadline!

Image of Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu


Mary is leading the fight to rebuild hurricane-damaged parts of Louisiana; yet National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman John Ensign promised a "bloodbath" for Mary Landrieu. Help give Mary the funds to fight back.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol is one of us, running a truly grassroots-driven campaign. She understands the need to engage the Middle East with diplomacy, provide better health care for all Americans, and take care of our veterans. But she's one of the Republicans' top targets this year, and she needs our help.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Two years ago, Darcy lost a tight race to Republican Dave Reichert. We helped her get close last cycle. It's time for us to put her over the top. George Bush and Karl Rove have already come to Washington to help her opponent. We have to respond.

Image of WesPAC - Securing America's Future

WesPAC - Securing America's Future

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