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by sean mykael

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(since October 25, 2008)

10 Days...

That is all the time we have left until the biggest election of our lifetime. With less than two weeks to go until November 4th we are faced with an opportunity of epic proportions. Not only is it looking increasingly likely that Barack Obama will be our next president, but we could also pick up enough seats to become filibuster proof...without Joe Lieberman!

Think of what Barack Obama could do with 61 Senate seats.

Health care for every American. An energy policy that gets us off foreign oil, out of Iraq and creates American jobs to help rebuild this tattered economy. And we can do it.

Yes We Can!

This isn't a pipe dream. This isn't some pie-in-the-sky, if the planets all align and Santa Claus comes early idea. This is a real possibility.

...but we can't do it without all of us chipping in.

Please consider donating to one or all of the candidates below.

Let's throw the Anvil and stop Republican obstructionism. Let's give Barack Obama a real chance to bring America the change she needs.

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