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by Clint Curtis


My name is Clint Curtis and I am running for US Congress in District 24. I am a computer programmer and finishing a law degree with a specialty of combating government corruption. I am also the programmer that testified before the Conyers' Commission on Vote Fraud and have been a strong leader in the battle for Election Integrity. View Testimony Here

Last year many of you supported our campaign and you made the difference. When the politicians in DC and the area media wrote us off and declared that Feeney was unbeatable, we fought on. Last election, we exposed his corruption and the citizens of this district have taken notice. Unlike 12 months ago, everyone now knows that he can be beaten. I am asking your help in order to complete that task. More importantly, once we have accomplished the win, I will actually make the changes that need to be made, that will get this country back on track.

Everyone in this room knows what this country needs. We need to end the war in Iraq. It has destroyed the reputation of this country as well as driven this country into debt at the rate of over 1 million dollars per hour. That does not even count the as yet undiscovered cost of caring for our returning veterans.

We know that we must stop the drain of jobs from this country. It is time we brought the rest of the worlds standards up to ours, rather than our continually destroying our middle class by trying to bring our standards down to them.

This will not only bring jobs back to America but also restore the 30% of our tax base that now sits tax free overseas. We can reduce the taxes on our citizens and still providing the revenues needed to provide for Universal Healthcare, increasing our social security funding to allow our senior citizens to enjoy their retirement years that they have earned, and balance the budget of this country.

Every citizen of this country should be able to have the opportunity to a good job. Every citizen should be able to afford a decent place to live, food on their table, health-care for themselves and their children, and quality education to insure that our children’s have the opportunity to improve their lives. Every family can once again live the American Dream.

We know that we must make this country energy independent and stop allowing oil companies massive profits and tax loopholes while our citizens can barely afford to drive to work.

My favorite quote is "Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not." It is up to us to turn our dreams into reality. Please visit my Website

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Clint Curtis