Contribute Now to Wall Street message delivered to CNBC! New video below.

by FixCNBC.com / Progressive Change Campaign Committee


Laughing Liberally's Justin Krebs calls it, "a terrific mix of activism and humor." Progressive blogger Todd Beeton calls it "the most entertaining petition delivery video I've literally ever seen."

Can you check out the video and help us raise $1,000 to pay the cost of making sure 20,000 voices were heard by CNBC? (We don't need a ton, but we do need to pay the awesome editor of this video.)

Please help us pay for making this delivery happen--donate up top, or click here:

People can still sign the letter at FixCNBC.com. If you already signed, the PCCC will loop you into our core work: electing bold progressives to Congress -- people who will show backbone and hold Wall Street accountable!

For more about the PCCC, see the description below.

Video directed by Negin Farsad, Music by Anamanaguchi & Gabriel Alter.

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PCCC - Progressive Change Campaign Committee

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is a new group set up to help bold progressive congressional candidates run innovative, effective campaigns and win. It is run by leading progressive organizers -- former MoveOn.org staff, union organizers, staff from Darcy Burner and Tom Perriello's 2008 House campaigns, and the co-inventor of RSS and Reddit.

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