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by the ActBlue Team


Today, members of the Texas state board of education say that Sen. Joe McCarthy has been "vindicated" by history, evolution is hooey, and textbooks should be evaluated solely on how they cover Christianity. How did it come to this? Follow the money:

In 2002, Tom DeLay, the former GOP majority leader, funneled $190,000 in illegal donations to Republican candidates for state legislature. In 2003, those legislators used sleazy tactics to redraw the lines of congressional districts in Texas, wiping out Texas Democrats in Washington. In short, the money DeLay funneled from oil and credit card companies left nobody to hold the line against social conservatives and their desire to rewrite history.

Two weeks ago, one man--Tom DeLay--was convicted on money laundering charges related to those 2002 donations. But eight years later, the damage has already been done. Now, his proteges are taking office in Washington, and, according to the Washington Post, they've already started holding $1,000/person fundraisers and hiring lobbyists to run their D.C. offices. It's the classic GOP double-con: use social conservatives to get to Washington, and, once there, jump into bed with special interests. Then, two years later, use the money from those interests to run the con again, empowering reactionaries at home and lobbyists in D.C.

ActBlue keeps Democrats out of that trap. By putting $173 million worth of fundraising power in the hands of regular Americans, we are resisting the ugly, cynical politics that have completely overtaken the Republican Party. ActBlue can only be that bulwark with your support; making a recurring contribution of $15, $25 or $50 to ActBlue will keep us fighting today, tomorrow and in 2012.

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