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by Windsor Dem

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These are the CT candidates and groups I believe are most deserving, candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. Every contribution- no matter how much- can influence an election.

Democrats are the future- and we must stand together to help them secure it. Donate today to show your support for the future of a better Connecticut.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Ned Lamont will challenge incumbent "Democrat" Joe Lieberman for the Democratic spot on the ballot in November. Lieberman has continued to stand by the Bush adminstration through every wrong turn they have taken and continues to do so. Help Lamont secure the party's nomination by donating or volunteering today.

Image of Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney


Joe Courtney is the Democrats' best chance to oust the farthest right Republican in CT- Rob Simmons. Simmons has voted with the Bush administration on virtually every issue- even against the best interests of our state and nation. Donate or volunteer today to help Joe win this seat.

CT-05 General Election Fund


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Diane Farrell


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John Larson


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Rosa DeLauro


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College Democrats of America

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