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Tom Hayhurst


Helping Others: For over 30 years, Tom Hayhurst has practiced medicine in this part of Indiana. He’s helped thousands of patients and their families through illness and back to good health. He co-founded the Matthew 25 Health &Dental Clinic’s free pulmonary clinic. In 2007, Dr. Tom co-founded the Wolf Lake Free Health Clinic that serves Noble and Whitley counties. And every week, he works at the Allen County Tuberculosis Clinic, battling an ancient disease that still haunts our region.

Fighting Hard: Tom Hayhurst served his country honorably in the United States Air Force reaching the rank of Major. He knows that freedom isn’t free and he will never forget.

Tom Hayhurst helped start Veterans for Better Health Care. From the grassroots, he is fighting to retain essential services at our regional Veterans Hospital. He believes that the promises made to those who put themselves on the line for liberty’s sake are promises that must be kept, especially at this time where we ask yet another generation to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Building Community: Tom Hayhurst has a passion for public service. For twelve years, he held a seat on the Fort Wayne City Council. He is a roll up your sleeves legislator who knows how to get things done. He understands that by working together we build strong neighborhoods and strong communities.

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Alan Grayson (2010)


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