Contribute Now to Help Al Franken and Jim Martin win in December

by Patrick Leahy

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The election may be over, but the outcomes of two Senate races - and our shot at 60 votes in the Senate - have yet to be settled.
Al Franken trails his Republican opponent by just 215 votes in Minnesota, as state officials commence a mandatory manual recount of every single ballot. And in a race most pundits had written off as an easy Republican win on Election Day, Democratic challenger Jim Martin's strong momentum forced a runoff election in Georgia just 12 days from now.
Al and Jim need our help now - at this critical time - to keep their campaign operations going strong through December, make sure every vote is counted, and fight for seats in the U.S. Senate.
Please make a contribution to Al Franken’s Recount Fund and Jim Martin’s runoff campaign today – and help us reach 60 seats in the Senate!

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