Contribute Now to Friends of Dorothy

by Mark Wyn


These districts have special significance and that is why I chose to focus on them with this page. Districts in which we live and contribute so much are being represented by Republicans.

The Republican Party has used us time and time again as scapegoats........using hate to stir up the party faithful.

- Key West, Florida - represented by a Republican (who wants to drill for oil off of the Keys).

- Palm Springs, California - represented by a Republican.

- Royal Oak, Michigan - represented by a Republican.

- The state of Wyoming, where Matthew Shepard was murdered - represented by a Republican.

We need Democrats in these districts who will respect us as equal citizens in this country that we love so much. We must stand up, donate money and show that we will not be scapegoated any longer by the Republican Party......especially in the communities in which we live in great numbers and in which our presence has contributed so much.

Friends of Dorothy - come together and donate to show the Republican Party that we will not stand by and be demonized any longer.

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