Contribute Now to Progressive Women for Claire

by Mary E. Nelson


Join me and other Progressive Women in supporting CLAIRE McCASKILL!

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


This election is critical for Missouri and our country. Washington D.C is spiraling out of control. Moneyed interests outweigh the will of the people. A war is being fought without a strategy to win -- or keep us safe. And billions of dollars are being added everyday to a deficit our children will have to pay. Meanwhile, the urgent needs of everyday Americans are neglected. It's time for a Senator on our side, standing up for Missouri's families. That's Claire McCaskill.

Claire McCaskill is working hard to become a strong voice of reason in Washington. She is fighting for Missouri values by challenging Jim Talent's weak record on the issues that Missourians care about most: strong leadership when it comes to keeping our nation safe, solutions to our nation's growing energy crisis, quality healthcare for all, and accountability to the people they serve.

At a time when common sense in Washington D.C. is in short supply, Claire is eager and ready to go to Washington to put everyday Missourians ahead of the special interests. It's time Missouri had a Senator who's on our side.

Please join me and other Progressive Women (and men!) in lending financial support to our next Senator, CLAIRE McCASKILL! Thanks!