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This is where the rubber meets the road. Fire up your debit card and let's help these hard-working folks Turn America Blue!

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


I've met Jerry and I can tell you he will be a far better Representative of the People than the corrupt Pombo and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

Image of Debra Bowen

Debra Bowen

CA-Sec State

If you don't give till it hurts to this true progressive....

Well, I won't be listening to you whine about Deibold and Ohio and CA-50 cause I'll be too busy telling you to SYFPH!

Image of James Webb

James Webb


He's real close and as you can see from the video he'd be Bush's worst nightmare.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


This man has already had a shattering impact on the 'Spineless Dems' let's make sure he goes to Congress and kicks some Republican butt. Like to hear what he has to say to Biden, Schumer and Emmanuel also.

Image of Phil Angelides

Phil Angelides


Yeah, everybody's whining about Phil...well he has a great take on the tax issue and I'd like to ask you...

Do you really want four more years of Ahhnuld?

I don't.

Jerry Brown

CA-Atty Gen

I'd like to see if Jerry can do the Spitzer walk. He's always been in the lead. You do know he's responsible for the State of California's wind power industry. Yeah, I'm for Governor MoonBeam today and every day.

Give him a hand!

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


'Farmer' Jon is giving Abramov's good buddy the senile firefighter hating Burns everything he can handle and more. Anyone who opens his debate with his Republican opponent by saying: 'I'm the candidate for Senator who is not a lawbreaker.' deserves all the help we can give him.

Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


This brave woman lost her legs in Iraq. She's come home to help take back our government from the Republican slimeballs who have with their illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq created the worst foreign policy disaster in our history. Help her take back the House!

Image of Joseph Sestak Jr

Joseph Sestak Jr


Ex-Admiral who will stand against the neocon attempt to destroy the moral fabric of our nation.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


This Iraqi vet caught my eye over on dKos. Check him out there. He diaries!

I believe he's the real deal.

Image of Democracy for America

Democracy for America

These folks are working the roots. Give 'em some green.


I'm with these folks all the way. Quickest way I know to start solving the problems is to 'Cut the Head off the Monster'

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