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Image of Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite Russ is one of the finest members of the U.S. Senate. He is one of our top priorities for re-election this November.

Image of Jack Conway Debt Retirement

Jack Conway Debt Retirement


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite Help Conway pull this one out against a radical GOP extremist.

Image of Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer


CQ Politics - Leans Dem Barbara has been fighting for children, our seniors and clean energy expansion across the country. Carly Fiorina is really not qualified at all, she outsourced 33,000 jobs and took a 42 million dollar golden parachute after being fired.

Image of Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan


CQ Politics - Tossup Let's get Roy Blunt out of Washington! Robin has a chance here, send a few dollars her way to make it happen.

Image of Scott McAdams

Scott McAdams


Alaska has a cheap media market and polls show McAdams surging past Joe Miller. He now just needs to focus on getting votes away from Murkowski in order to secure a rare pickup opportunity for Dems this cycle.

Image of Patty Murray

Patty Murray


CQ Politics - Tossup Patty has been committed to making higher education accessible and affordable and is a leader in education promotion. Washington is the only state in the nation with a female governor and two female senators, we should protect that.

Image of Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet


CQ Politics - Tossup Michael is facing one of the best of the GOP extremists this cycle who has called for the most radical of things including banning abortion even in the case of rape or incest.

Image of Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite Joe is a netroots leader and a fine congressman for Pennsylvania. He is facing a Santorum like opponent who must be defeated. This one is still possible so let's not give up the fight.

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


CQ Politics - Leans GOP Let's keep this one blue, Markey has given over $100,000 of her congressional budget by saving on budgetary expenses.

Image of Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite A leader for southern Arizona, Gabrielle has maintained her hard stance on securing the borders and protecting Arizona's families from crime. She is another fine rising star in the Democratic ranks.

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite Alan has a future in Floridian politics. He is of course outspoken and has taken down many Republicans that have been on the wrong sides of many issues. Let's keep Alan fighting for us in the House.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


CQ Politics - No Clear Favorite Carol has proven herself on many issues. A former social worker, she has been a steady voice for the middle class and working people. She deserves another term against a well funded opponent.

Image of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin


CQ Politics - Tossup Stephanie is in the fight of her life in South Dakota. She has always been an advocate for fiscal responsibility and taxpayer accountability. She deserves another term in congress for her independence and strong will to do what is right.

Image of Julie Lassa

Julie Lassa


CQ Politics - Tossup Julie is running for the seat of former Appr. Comm. Chairman David Obey who decided to retire earlier this year. The retirement has set up a competitive race for his seat. Julie is running against someone who according to colleagues barely showed up to work as District Attorney. We need to send the former reality star back to reality and send Julie to Washington.

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